My Motivation for Week 3 2019

The rise in gadgets distracting us from the immediacy of being present with someone cannot be denied. With the constant barrage of laptops, iPads, smartphones, and now “smartwatches,” being aware and enjoying someone’s physical company often times falls on the back burner.

In this age of hyper-connectivity, Though one would expect the power and art of conversations not to be lost. But the argument would be ‘are conversations just a simple exchange of information between people’ or ‘it is so much more’.

As we all need someone to talk to. It’s easy to become isolated. A conversation is based on physical presence, which is rooted in feeling. All our senses are involved. By talking to someone in person, we gain access to specific senses: appreciation, compassion, and love. These are the feelings that connect human beings to reality, which stimulates our intuition and awareness. However, if we become conditioned to the computer, then we become one-dimensional. We are less deep as individuals and more shallow, predictable, anxiety-ridden, and irritable.

My focus, however, I know would be having good conversations whether it be with a gadget or it be by face to face.

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