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Have you ever considered how your food gets to your store shelf, how your home got built, or how your nearest hospital gets its drugs? It is easy to consider only the endeavour you exert to purchase the item, without considering the amount of time, planning, and capital that is required to get that required product or drugs. This is where supply chain management comes into play in understanding the clusters of global businesses competing for world resources.

Also, the success of a business and its supply chain is increasingly dependent on the business’s ability to react quickly to the economic factors affecting the price of, demand for, and availability of a commodity. Alongside, making smart decisions based on hard data. That’s obvious—what’s less obvious is how to do this.

The starting point is to acknowledge that setting a course for your future segmented supply chain is unlikely to be based on some intuitive and obvious opportunities, and you need to start with a clean sheet of paper.

And at PP we believe simplification and focus are key – but how can we simplify without losing track of reality?

Is the Question?

Wishing all our readers and subscribers a Happy New Year as we start with a new sheet.





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