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My Motivation For Week 17 2019

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What does Easter mean for Retailers?

Easter Commerce Hops All Over The Place……..Blame it on that bunny, maybe.

How, exactly, an anthropomorphized rabbit that decorates and hides eggs from children came to be centrally associated with the Christian belief in Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead is a topic of some debate.

O.k enough of that let’s get back to the question.

What does an earlier Easter weekend mean for retailers?

That question depends on the weather conditions in a particular location. Spring weather around the Easter holiday often shifts the drivers for spring product categories such as apparel, home goods, sporting goods, and leisure activities.

Because as the time of year changes, so do the drivers for demand of specific products. I believe it is safe to say the weather in 2019 has been favourable to the retailers. Hence, warmer Easter holiday in April could mean increased sales for retailers, restaurants, movie theatres, and jumpstart the spring shopping season.
So what should this Easter weekend look like for retailers across the country?  We would have to wait for the sales report after Easter.

As a supply chain professional remember to follow the weather when forecasting and planning takes your management approach from science to art in relative to finance.