Hi! I’m Jane Ugbari welcome to my site!

I am a procurement, planning and supply chain professional with a demonstrated history of working in the oil and gas pipeline construction, logistics and retail industry.

I have up-to-date knowledge of Supply Chain and Sourcing Fundamentals, with a keen commercial and digital focus. I also have a postgraduate certificate in Process and Environmental Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey and a BSc in Industrial chemistry.

I possess a unique combination of skills and capabilities in supply chain procurement, indirect procurement, and contingent workforce category management. I have a good understanding and knowledge of market value chains economics and cost drivers within a processing system. Which, I have applied in making business decisions towards crafting a successful business strategy and measuring up results with sustainability and financial accountability. By aligning critical procurement planning and supplier’s performance management using tools like forecasting, bench-marking, SWOT, PESTLE, Industry and scenario analysis. Towards implementing problem-solving analytical approaches.

Achieved with best-in-practice of collaboration, communication, and compliance within a team of professionals.